The 5” post WWII fin HVAR (high velocity aircraft rocket) has clamp on fin sets with slots and grounding plugs in the fin tips to enable the armorer to interlock multiple rockets onto each other. The rockets had to be fired in certain order. If it’s detail you want, then look no further. I challenge you to find a 5” HVAR replica to beat this. I spared no expense to replicate these post WWII style fins. These fins are stamped from dies and spot welded together.

My 5” HVAR replicas are constructed of 16 gage mild steel tubing for the rocket motor, with spot-welded fins. The shell is metal-spun 16 gage mild steel to give it the solid ‘machined’ look. An aluminum nozzle plate with tapered orifices and cloth covered ignition wires for your canon plug finish the tail. The replica MK149 impact nose fuse, end cap clamps, pins and arming wire finish the rocket. Powder coated OD green 5 inch shell, stenciling and a set of suspension clamps, these replicas are as close as you can get to the real thing.


  • 5” dia x 62” oal replica dimensions
  • weight 44 lbs.
  • OD green shell with yellow Stenciling
  • Suspension bands
  • Steel finish rocket motor with black stenciling
  • MK149 nose fuse
  • Nozzle plate
  • Post WWII fin set
  • Ignition and arming wires

PRICE: $2206

Shipping, handling and tax not included. Prices subject to change without notice. LWR Patent SR# 60/347,144. LWR replicas are recommended for display purposes only.