SIDEWINDER! The AIM-9M Sidewinder replica is available as the 9M-8 NAVY designations or the 9M-9 USAF designations. The 9M is constructed of steel, stainless steel and aluminum and can be mounted to actual LAU-7 rails. Perfect for gate guard aircraft, static display, as a stand-alone exhibit or for training purposes.


  • This replica weighs in at 84 pounds, is 9’4” long and can be ordered with the “9M-8” on the guidance control section for NAVY or the “9M-9” for USAF.
  • Guidance control section with infrared opaque eye, stainless steel engraved front fins with fin sockets, stainless steel cap screws, stenciling and coupling ring
  • Target detection section with transmitter and receiver windows with image decals, lenses, lens rings and coupling ring
  • Warhead section with decal stenciling, stripe and coupling ring
  • Rocket motor section with arm/safe block, stripe, stenciling, decals, LAU-7 mounting blocks, training style rear wings and rear nozzle
  • All coupling rings are yellow zinc plated with stainless steel socket head cap screws. The guidance, warhead, motor tube and rear fins are powder coated and the targeting section is aluminum. The only thing we have omitted is the umbilical cord. (we had to leave something out)

Price $5,212.00 plus shipping

Shipping, handling and tax not included. Prices subject to change without notice. LWR Patent SR# 60/347,144. LWR replicas are recommended for display purposes only.