The LWR AN-M59 SAP 1000 Semi-Armor-Piercing replica is molded of rigid polyurethane with steel suspension hooks molded in and bolted to a center support shaft. It is painted OD green with TNT yellow stripes, black stenciling, steel fins, steel suspension lugs, aluminum nose cone and tail fuse with arming wire. This piece is great for any display and will also be a great addition to any WWII collection.

The LWR SAP 1000 weighs around 60 pounds, and with the standard 14” spread, can mount to a bomb shackle. The SAP 1000 was designed to pierce the deck armor of battleships, heavy concrete structures, and similar highly resistant targets.


  • 14” diameter x 72” OAL
  • weight 60 lbs.
  • OD green over all
  • Yellow TNT bands
  • Steel suspension lugs
  • Arming wire and safety clips
  • Replica armor piercing nose cone
  • Black Stenciling
  • Fin set
  • Replica tail fuse

PRICE: $1612

carton charge: CALL

Shipping, handling and tax not included. Prices subject to change without notice. LWR Patent SR# 60/347,144. LWR replicas are recommended for display purposes only.