The German 150 MM Nebelwerfer 41 HE rocket is 37” long and 6 1/4” in diameter. This is the HE (High Explosive) version of the rocket. It is constructed of composite materials with an attention to detail. The rocket is made up of the ballistic cap, motor tube, nozzle assembly, bursting charge container and base percussion fuse plug. The nozzle assembly has the jet venturi holes arranged around the unit. It comes painted an anodized bronze overall with white identifying stenciling on the motor section and black stenciling containing the weight class, date filled and date assembled on the burst charge container. If you have the rocket launcher, you need these to complete your display.

This rocket - known as “The Screamin’ Mimi” by US troops, was fired from a 6 barreled mobile rocket launcher. It was used to lay down a smoke screen or extremely heavy short range bombardment.


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