The 260 LB FRAG replica is molded of rigid polyurethane from an original casting, with steel suspension hooks molded in and bolted to a center support shaft. The suspension hooks have been tested and will support 6 times the replica weight.

As with all my replicas, it's molded with all the detail. OD green with TNT yellow stripes, black stenciling, steel fins, steel suspension lugs, nose and tail fuse with arming wire. This piece is great for any display and will also be a great addition to any WWII collection.

The 260 FRAG weighs only 25 pounds and can mount to any shackle and can give your WWII aircraft, display or collection the finishing touch.

The fragmentation bomb was utilized to produce destructive effect against personnel, animals, and light material targets such as motor transport, airplanes on the ground or in flight, etc. This replica is a unique addition to any display. Due to its unusual appearance, this replica will set your bomb bay or display apart from all the others.


  • 8” Diameter x 43 1/2” OAL
  • 13” x 13” x 45” carton dimensions
  • weight 30 lbs.
  • OD green over all
  • Yellow TNT bands
  • Steel suspension lugs
  • Arming wire and safety clips
  • Black Stenciling
  • Fin set
  • Replica nose and tail fuses

PRICE: $697

carton charge: $32.78

Shipping, handling and tax not included. Prices subject to change without notice. LWR Patent SR# 60/347,144. LWR replicas are recommended for display purposes only.